Grid positioning marker


Check the apk version of your scanphone. > = 2.5 Alpha
Download and print the pdf document.
Cut out the 2 markers A and B. (6cm x 6cm).
Position (patafix!) Marker A at the top left and B at the bottom right.
When positioning the grid, visualize the Marker-A for a few moments, and a red circle will appear (this may take a few seconds). The grid configuration switches to parallel mode.
Then visualize the Marker-B. The application will draw a line between the 2 and position the grid in the center. You will be in parallel mode and you can set the height of the grid relative to the plane.

Viewer Java PC

Using the XML / NFS Viewer to exploit data from our different measurement systems.

Near field measurement and simulation software generate a large amount of data.

Very often, the data format is formatted according to the type of device or software used.

The XML / NFS standard: TR 61967-1-1 © IEC: 2010 will define a universal interchange format for data from different Near Field Scan (Near Field Scan).

Its format is suitable for different 2D or 3D coordinate systems for a frequency or time domain.