Direct electromagnetic mapping system in augmented reality.
Autonomous and easy to use.
Low cost, high resolution.
Removable sensors (50 Hz – 7 GHz).
Exporting data in XML format.
2D or 3D visualization.

Radio Waves Display 400

The Luxondes radiofrequency to optical conversion panel directly displays the ambient EM-field or the radiation of a transmitting DUT that is placed in front
of it. It comprises 400 (20×20) autonomous identical sensors working as elementary visualization pixels.
The representation of the EM field is provided through a gradient of colors.

Radio Waves Display - 64 - PC

This new EM radiation measurement and display system includes 64 sensors operating between 50 MHz and 3 GHz. Bidirectional communication (USB) is established between all sensors and a pc. This one allows to adjust in real time the sensitivity and the dynamics as well as the speed of acquisition. The software developed allows the recording and the reading of the datas as well as an in-depth analysis of the results.


The Gyroscanfield is a 3D, real-time measuring equipment whose function is to directly visualize the electromagnetic radiation of a Device Under Test (DUT) in a simple and fast way. 16 sensors with detachable antennas are spread over a 60 cm diameter ring. A set of different antennas is available corresponding to your requested frequency and sensitivity ranges. Each elementary sensor around the loop converts the
electromagnetic received energy in a corresponding calibrated range of visible colors by using RGB LEDs.

Luxondes imagines, develops and manufactures, real-time measurement and visualization tools for electromagnetic fields, making the scientific message accessible around the treatment and analysis of electromagnetic waves.




Following the presentation of Scanphone in Korea at RAPA (Korea Radio Promotion Association) our partner and distributor DYMSTEC will demonstrate at EMC-FEST in SEOUL (Dragon City Convention Tower) on September 23 and 24.




2020 – AVRIL


Andy Eadie is an experienced hardware engineer specializing in EMC electromagnetic compatibility.
To complete his line of electromagnetic radiation investigation tools, he acquired a scanphone.



2020 – EMV – COLOGNE

Presentation of the ScanPhone

Luxondes will be present at the EMV2020 trade fair in Cologne and you will be able to experiment with the scanphone, a new direct electromagnetic mapping system in augmented reality.

2019 – EMC Europe – Barcelone

Presentation of the ScanPhone

At the EMC-Europe congress, we present the new ScanPhone Automated Mapping System.

2018 – Salon RF & Microwave

Presentation of the RWD-64_PC

Fast and easy to adjust, the RWD saves time in antenna radiation pattern optimization, or quality control; for example in the analysis of connected object communication signals or in the study of wave focusing (time reversal, 5G communication).

2017 – Workshop on Smart Antennas (Berlin)

Demonstration of the RWD-400

Demonstration on the Orange Lab exhibition stand of a time reversal application (5G) with the RWD -400.